In 2002 Juli Somers founded the Center for Inner Truth (CFIT), a non-profit organization that offers spiritual techniques and training to awaken the spirit, to heal, and to create consciously in the physical world. Juli’s basic methods are grounded in an active form of meditation that focuses on learning to perceive energy as it circulates within our bodies.

At the present time the Center is transitioning away from being primarily a training center and will focus more on individual sessions, such as clairvoyant readings, breathwork, and private or small classes.

Juli Somers is an ordained minister, certified intuitive teacher and breathworker. For over 25 years, she has inspired and supported others in their healing process. Through teaching meditation and mindfulness, insightful energy readings, spiritual healing, spiritual counseling, and breathwork, she serves as a facilitator for change and growth in the lives of her students and clients.

She is a graduate of Jay Scherer’s Academy of Natural Healing, the Intuitive Healing Center SeminaryDahn Advanced Healers School and Breath of Life Training, and is a student of Transformations Breathwork. She trained at the Church of the Creative Spirit in Taos in a tradition of energy, intuition and spiritual healing that dates back to the ancient mystery schools and came down through the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

All these skills have formed the basis for Juli’s current teaching and healing work, most recently through her directorship at The Center for Inner Truth, and through years of facilitating breathwork. She is a breath therapist on staff at the Life Healing Center, a center specializing in trauma and addiction. She offers individual sessions and group sessions in her private practice as well as nationally.