Experience your own power as you learn to breathe in a healthy way. As you practice this conscious, connected breath during the session to clear out past traumas and stress, this promotes a reconnection with your soul. Private sessions are “therapy-like” in that we first do an intake, talk about what is working and not working in your life, and then dive into the deep recesses of your being.

Guided connected breathing allows you to release blocked energy from the body and to move past your thinking mind to the essence of who you truly are. This clearing of blocked energy, negative beliefs and outworn habit patterns, unifies and integrates the body, mind, and spirit.

When full free breathing is restored, every system in the body begins to work better. We find that the breath itself naturally heals and renews the body, mind and spirit. “Conscious Breathing” becomes a very powerful self-directed healing process. 

While laying down, the breath is intentionally engaged in a conscious, connected and relaxed fashion. By breathing this way your body naturally begins to release physical tension and surface levels of stress. Then, as you learn to breathe diaphragmatically and to relax your exhale, this type of breathing has the capacity to release deeper emotional and mental patterns as well as long-held trauma.

Repressed emotions may come to the surface to be expressed and/or resolved during a session.

Your body doesn’t lie, and is a record of your past. In most situations during unpleasant or traumatic experience, breathing is mildly or severely limited in an attempt to minimize pain. Excessive and/or long-term (un-integrated) experience usually results in excessive or long-term restricted breathing patterns in the body (suppressions), which eventually get reflected as negative emotional and/or energetic dysfunctions within various systems of the mind-body.

By breathing in an open, relaxed somatically-guided way, your body begins to create an increased state of energy called Activation that helps to uncover, release and integrate physical, emotional and mental patterns.