The Center for Inner Truth (CFIT) is a non-profit organization that offers spiritual techniques and training to awaken the spirit, to heal, and to create consciously in the physical world. These techniques and teachings are based upon ancient wisdom and presented in a practical format.

We convey tools, rather than teaching “truths.” Our philosophy, following that of the ancient mystery schools and based on the curriculum of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, regards spiritual knowledge as something that is to be found within rather than taught by others.

At the present time the Center is transitioning away from being primarily a training center and will focus more on individual sessions, such as clairvoyant readings and breathwork, carrying on the work in a slightly different format. Classes will still be offered on an occasional basis.

We are a loving, supportive community that believes in the philosophy ‘heal yourself and you heal the world’. We offer something unique at the Center – a place for you to find your own answers and develop your innate abilities. We are inclusive of all faith traditions, beliefs, and philosophies.

The work consists of a simple yet profound collection of energy tools to support you in creating a life that embodies your spiritual wisdom. The use of these techniques supports you through the experience of changes, brings about an awakening to new possibilities and fosters the ability to create and manifest your higher self.

Our basic methods are grounded in an active form of meditation that focuses on learning to perceive energy as it circulates within our bodies. Students learn to center and ground themselves, and to feel energy’s movement within the body.

The curriculum includes a range of methods for cultivating intuition, which we regard as a basic and universal human capability. Students use this process to expand energy, and to understand and resolve patterns that block free energy flow.

Advanced students learn to read the energy flow in others, distinguish it from their own energy, and communicate what they see in a neutral, effective way.

We are a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit church and gratefully accept donations.