Clairvoyant Readings in person or by phone

In one hour, much information comes forth in the way of energies affecting you this lifetime, past life energies being worked through, and recognition of the abilities you already have. A reading helps you get in touch with the deeper vision of your soul. You may focus the time on a topic or have a general overview. Clairvoyant readings often produce “ah-ha moments” and facilitate the release of blocked energy. Sessions are casual, interactive and profound.

Transformational Breathwork Sessions

Experience your own power as you learn to breathe in a healthy way and practice this conscious, connected breath during the session to clear out past traumas and stress. This promotes a reconnection with your soul. Private sessions are “therapy-like” in that we first do an intake, talk about what is working and not working in your life, and then dive into the deep recesses of your being.

Spiritual Mentorship

Together we determine what might best support you on your journey. These personalized series of sessions may include a reading, spiritual healing, and the ongoing support of breath sessions (if local), mindfulness tools, personalized classes and recorded meditations and visualizations.

Individual Classes in person or long distance

Students may opt for individual classes, in person or on the phone. The student may choose from an existing curriculum or have one tailored to specific needs at a given time.


Juli is an ordained minister who conducts ceremonies celebrating life transitions such as weddings and baby blessings.